The story of Doubting Thomas

When we reflect on this story, there are probably times in our own lives when we’ve behaved much like Thomas. We’ve probably said, “I won’t believe that unless I hear it directly from the lips of Jesus Himself.” However, unlike Thomas, we probably don’t believe even then. The lesson we learn from Thomas is that skepticism is no sin, but being hardened in our skepticism that can lead to rejection of Jesus.

So if you find yourself saying “Show me,” as Thomas did, be prepared to say and proclaim to the world, “I have seen my Lord and my God!”




It is normal for us as humans to have questions, concerns and doubts about our belief system. Christ, though God, is totally human and surely understands us. Faith is believing that which we don’t tangibly know or understand.

Today’s Gospel invites us to bask in the glory of Jesus’ resurrection through the eye witness account of His Apostles and specifically St. Thomas.  More popularly known as the “Story of Doubting Thomas,” this golden morsel of the Gospel reveals God’s radical love and overwhelming desire for our faith.  Even though the apostles had encountered the resurrected Christ merely a week earlier, they find themselves still hiding behind closed doors, afraid of the possible persecutions that lurked on the other side.  More personally, the apostle Thomas confessed his unbelief and had locked his faith deep into the confines of his broken heart.  Their fear, their heartache, their unbelief does not…

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