Jesus tells us that there will come one who will tell us all truth. He is referring, of course, to the sending out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

John 16 12-15 Small

Our belief, as Roman Catholics, is that Jesus, after a bit of time appearing to friends during this time after the Resurrection ascended into heaven, once more taken from them.

One can imagine their distress; just as they were enjoying Jesus’ occasional visits post-crucifixion, He leaves again.   Shock, confusion, and sadness are on their faces.

Jesus spends a great deal of time, as reported in John’s Gospel, during the Last Supper on the “Final Discourses,” summarizing the main points of His teaching, His relationship with the Father, our need to follow Him to be united with the Father. He also describes the coming of the Holy Spirit who will spark the energy for the apostles to begin to spread His word.

Jesus tells us that there will come one who will tell us all truth. He is referring, of course, to the sending out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It is this spirit that speaks to us in our hearts and keeps us on the right path. Jesus tells us further that everything that the Father has belongs to Jesus.

We then, as part of the Father’s great bounty, belong to Jesus and to Jesus alone. And Jesus alone will care for us, watch over us, visit us, and keep us. Jesus is the one to whom we must turn in times of trouble. Jesus is the guide and the brother who holds us up to the Father. We belong to the Father because of Jesus and we belong to Jesus because of the Father. And we know this because of the Spirit of Truth who informs us of all that matters.

We then are caught up in the eternal cycle of love between the members of the Holy Trinity. We are brought into heaven by the three persons of the Trinity–one who reveals the truth and the two who love us unto salvation.

The words of today’s psalm, ‘He heightens the strength of His people’, reinforce our understanding of Jesus’ words as presented by John. When the Spirit of truth comes, Jesus says, we will understand the new order He brought. By being open to the Spirit, the indwelling presence of God within us, we begin to see how it can animate our lives and open doors to understandings we could never imagine.


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