Jesus is giving us that same reminder, for He knows we too live in a hostile world and are sure to encounter suffering.


Jesus was always very open and frank with His apostles, even when they didn’t really want to hear the message He was giving.

We have such a situation in today’s gospel. It’s a case of, as we say, “Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?” Jesus told His followers that the Advocate would be coming. That was the good news. But their understanding of the Holy Spirit was probably quite limited, just as it might be with some of us today.

The bad news was that they would be expelled from the synagogues and that everyone who killed them would think that they were offering worship to God. That is a belief still held by millions of people today.
Jesus is preparing His disciples for His imminent departure. He wants to make sure His followers will not forget His promise. He has already been preparing them for what may happen. Jesus is giving us that same reminder, for He knows we too live in a hostile world and are sure to encounter suffering.

When we experience difficulties, it is very easy to forget that Jesus told us this would happen. Our world can be critical of those who practice a religious faith, of people who are different, of people who speak a different language, of people who have a disability.


We need only to look to our Blessed Mother to find a role model for these two subjects: persecution and the Holy spirit. We recall that with Mary’s “Fiat” she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and Jesus was conceived.

That pregnancy did not spare Mary from pain and persecution during her years with Jesus and Joseph. She realized the importance of her role as mother of Jesus and remained faithful. We too have a responsibility as Christians to bear the message of Christ, to make His message of LOVE and FORGIVENESS known throughout our world. We stay close to Jesus and St. Joseph to guide us through this daily process, while always turning to the Holy spirit, our advocate for guidance.


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