Jesus was sent here to be our light and to light our way out of darkness.


Few things in life are more difficult than acting as a mediator, endeavoring to create harmony where there is dissension. It is quite moving to hear Jesus speaking of himself as a mediator in today’s gospel reading. He begins with the seeming contradiction that anyone who believes in him does not believe in him but believes in the one who sent him. He then describes his mediating strategy: ‘I do not judge anyone who hears my words and does not keep them because I came not to judge the world but to save the world.’

Jesus comes, sent by the Father, on the authority of the Father, speaking the words of the Father. He is our savior, if we recognize who he is and where he comes from. He will save us if we let him, but if we are condemned it is by our own actions – our refusal to see the light and our determination to stay in darkness. Jesus speaks God’s words of eternal life and shows us that light. We choose light or darkness.

Jesus was sent here to be our light and to light our way out of darkness. Before Jesus it was all darkness, but Jesus is the manifestation of God’s word to save us. He is a beacon, illuminating the path, lighting the right way. He is our guide, our leader. Here to save us from the darkness, not to condemn us. Before we were trapped in the darkness, but now there is light, a way out. Believing in Jesus is believing in God who sent Jesus. And not believing keeps us trapped in the darkness of ignorance and despair.

The interesting thing about the light that Jesus brings is that it is deepest darkness for those without deep abiding love in their hearts. If you try to see what the light of Jesus shows, but do not have love, you will not see. If you are in judgment of your brother or sister, you are blinding yourself because love and human judgment are almost exact opposites. In the letter of John , we are told that if we claim to love God but hate brother or sister, we are liars.
(see: 1 John 4:20)

Because the balancing act between judgment and love is so hard for us, let us abandon judgment and embrace love. Then we can begin to see this wonderful world in the way that Jesus lights it up for us.


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