Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish, and continues to multiply food, money, time, and energy for those who give Him their all.

Loaves and Fish

In the Gospel of today, we have the remarkable story of the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes. It is, perhaps, the most difficult of Jesus’ miracles to visualize. Yet we are told and we believe that five thousand people were fed, and that there were twelve baskets left over!

What a mystery! Yet, no more a mystery than Jesus loving us enough to die on the Cross for our sins and then rising again in three days!

When Jesus saw several thousand people “coming toward Him, He said to Philip, ‘Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?’ ” “He asked this to test Philip’s response”.

Jesus continues to test us on the subject of feeding the masses. He knows what He wants to do, but He brings up the subject to test our response. Some of us, like Philip, inform the almighty God of the practical impossibility of the human situation. Others, like Andrew, suggest that we have the makings of a miracle, but back off from that suggestion about as quickly as they make it. Others in our secular humanistic society just flat out tell Jesus that they doubt whether He does miracles any more (if He ever did). These people have completely flunked Jesus’ test.

What are you going to say to Jesus when He tests you about feeding the masses? Will you speak focused on His infinite, perfect sufficiency or on your insufficiency? Will you speak by sight or by faith?  Will you let Jesus put words in your mouth and faith in your heart? Or will you figure things out for yourself and speak your mind instead of His? Will you get a good grade from Jesus as He tests your response to His question regarding the feeding of the masses? Or will you flunk out of life and eternal life? Believe in the multiplication of the loaves, fish, resources, time, and energy.

What politician or public figure, seeing a crowd arriving to hear him or her speak, would be concerned about their welfare? If it were an isolated area, would he or she worry about how they might get food or drink? Yet Jesus did just that. Not only did he speak to them of the Father’s love and show compassion by healing the sick, he also responded to their basic need for food.

Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish, and continues to multiply food, money, time, and energy for those who give Him their all. Satan reacts to this by doing some multiplying of his own. Satan loves to multiply the followers, financial support, and media coverage of people and projects opposed to God’s kingdom. Look at the seemingly miraculous multiplication of anti-spiritual resources in this generation. It seems that Satan is better at multiplying than Jesus is. Of course, Satan has an advantage. He can multiply sin, and there is plenty of that for his use. But Jesus multiplies total commitment, which is rare. However, Satan’s multiplications don’t last, while Jesus’ multiplication miracles endure.

Give Jesus the raw materials for a multiplication. Give Jesus everything, and He will multiply it to overcome Satan’s culture of death with a new civilization of life and love.


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