This Sunday, we celebrate the victory of Jesus over Satan. What were His weapons? Prayer, fasting, and the truths of Scripture.


Jesus was led by the Spirit through the wilderness and was tempted there.

Temptations have been part of human nature since creation. The first story of temptation occurs in the garden of Eden. And we still get tempted by so many things in our daily lives. For those of us who fall into these temptations, the end product is always falling short of God’s grace and God’s plans for us.

Our pursuit of material wealth blinds us as human beings to the glory of God and the external peace which comes with saying no to Satan’s temptations. Jesus, who came to redeem humankind from our sinful nature, leads by example, and shows the true way of dealing with temptation – utter rejection.

Jesus says he is the way, the truth, and the light, and God gives us a free will to choose to follow the right way.

Our world may be full of temptations, but in our steadfast belief and dedication to the Word of God, we will always triumph over them, and stay on the path that leads to the glory of God.

So this Sunday, we celebrate the victory of Jesus over Satan. What were His weapons? Prayer, fasting, and the truths of Scripture. Through humility and recognition of the weakness of being human, Jesus overcame temptations to pleasure, power, and pride. He thus strengthened Himself for His passion and death. Ultimately, He must drink the cup of suffering to secure victory — and so must we, His followers. His weapons against Satan must be our weapons, too, this Lent, as we enter the discipline of believers.

Jesus believed in the Father’s truth and in the Father’s love. He believed in obeying the Father’s Will in all things.

God of eternal mercy, give us the strength to always follow in the example of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Give us the grace to say no to the temptations of our material world, and open our hearts to your true will, so that we may be your true sons and daughters.





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