Happy New Year from Home Sweet Orphanage


Today marks the end of 2012 and tomorrow the dawn of 2013.  It is a special day by all reckonings.  It is special because it asks us to “look both ways” – to the past year and to the year that lies before us. Traditionally, this is a time for New Year’s resolutions (looking ahead) and also a time for reflection on how good God has been to us this past year.

I am so thankful for all the moral, financial and material support that you have been able to give to my apostolates; the youth ministry and Home Sweet Orphanage. Let us resolve to remain open to the graces of God in 2013 and respond even more generously to His endless Love.

During my very first visit to the Orphanage, just weeks after our wedding, in April 2012, I and Sarah stood on faith and made a commitment to be of help to the children, though we did not know how! I have all the reasons to be thankful to you that you partnered with us in this charitable task. Without your support, we would not have done much to bring the situation at the orphanage back to normal. The Orphanage was then in a very dire crisis and here is what we have done:

  • There were no matrons to take care of the children, and with help from one of you, 2 matrons were employed. Each one is paid $35. They have been paid for 7 months now, and there is an advance of their payment for the next 6 months. So for the next 6 months, salary for matrons will not be a crisis. The matrons take care of the daily running of the Orphanage, cleaning, hygiene of the children and cooking.
  • The Orphanage used to use Kerosene lamps for lighting, which were not healthy and safe for the children. With a $500 donation from one of you, we were able to purchase and install a solar system that lights 5 lamps and a device for phone charging. Since its installation in August, the system is still working very well. This has improved the quality of life, and security of the children.
  • In October, with a donation from another person, we are able to buy a new pair of shoes for each of the 37 children that reside at the Orphanage.
  • Most recently, with another donation, we are making new uniforms for the each of the children. I will be able to post you a picture when they are ready.
  • Since the children are majorly fed on Posho and beans every day, I found that they occasionally need to be served with special meals. We have been able to serve 6 of such meals, including one at the Christmas party. Each of such a meal costs $150 on average.
  • And we have provided scholastic and domestic supplies, paid medical bills, and a monthly contribution of at least $100 towards the food for the children.

What are we hoping to do in 2013? We will continue to make one charitable visit to the Orphanage monthly, on the last Saturday of the every month. This means that the next visit will be on 26th January 2013. This will be just a week before the children go back to school. As a clarification, all the children that are in primary school are beneficiaries of the Universal Primary Education, a policy of the government. So as of now, we have only 2 children who need school fees. Angella who is going to Senior 2 pays 250,000($90) every term and Emmanuel who is going to Senior 1 will be paying $90 as well. For the rest of the children, we only need to provide Scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils. Briefly, here is the budget for the end of January visit:

i.            School fees for Angella and Emmanuel              $180

ii.            Scholastic supplies                                                      $100

iii.            Domestic supplies like soap etc                              $100

iv.            Contribution towards food                                       $100

v.            Special meal on that day                                           $100

Total                                                                                                              $580

NB: Not much will change on the subsequent visits. On average, $400 will be needed for the every end of month visit.

The other two special projects I pray that we can embark on through 2013 are new beds and beddings, and construction of new toilets and bathrooms.


Currently, the Orphanage has only 5 double-decked beds. These should be used by only 10 children, but they are being used by 25. Some share beds while some sleep on the floor. We can make an effort to provide:

  • 6 double-decked beds each at $92       $552
  • 12 mattresses each at $30                    $360
  • 12 Blankets    each at $10                    $120
  • 37 pairs of beds (1 pair for @child)     $185

Total                                                   $1217 approximately $1500 needed

tank   IMG_8480  IMG_8479  IMG_8477

The latrines and bathrooms that the children use now are in a very sorry state. There was a project to construct flushing toilets and bathrooms, but it was never finished. If God blesses us with funds, we can bring this project to completion. The reservoir tank was started but it is un-complete, and the septic and soak pits were also dug but not finished. According to the architectural plans of this construction work, $2500 more is needed to bring this work to completion.

What methods are we employing to raise the needed funds? This is where I need ideas from you. Currently, money has been raised from donations from individuals, and we help 2 online auctions, though they were not as successful. You could be knowing another creative method we can employ to raise money, kindly share it with us.

I thank you so much for your love and support. You are always in our prayers, and may the year 2013 be good for you.

To send us your donation, Click HERE.  Once you are on the YOU TURNS donate page,  you will need to comment that ” Donation to Home Sweet Orphanage”

May God bless you.

Steven Beingana

Founder Uganda Youth Ministry Association/ Associate Home Sweet Orphanage


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