Angella’s Confirmation, and greetings from all the children at the Orphanage

Angella, one of our kids at the Orphanage got confirmed into the Catholic faith yesterday. The confirmation Mass was at Butende Parish, which is about 30km from the Orphanage, and Mass was led by the Vicar of Masaka Diocese who represented the Bishop. The Mass was celebrated by several priests and the faithful.

I was early enough to make it to the Church several minutes before the start of Mass, though the journey was a bit tough and dusty due to the major road works being done on that route from Kampala.DSCF3665 DSCF3668

DSCF3669 DSCF3678

After Mass,

DSCF3683 DSCF3686

She got a Confirmation Certificate. This was something we did not get during our days 🙂


Back at the Orphanage, all the children were happy for her, and yes, we had lots of eats; our favorite Rice and beef, and this time, a safi juice instead of Soda, and a piece of ice-cream uuh, the kids enjoyed everything and they were like, “Next time, its me getting confirmed” hahaha…was every confirmation will come with a party.

DSCF3700 DSCF3691

DSCF3697 DSCF3698

And, finally, I got time to look at the school reports of all the children and got to reward the best performers. This time, they all improved. They are now at the Orphanage 24/7 for the next 2 months of the holidays. This means, they will be having all meals at the Orphanage, and our stores have to get ready for that. Think about us as you celebrate your Christmas. Your donation will be most appreciated.


My next visit to the Orphanage is in two weeks time, 18th December, for the Christmas party. You have read about this in my previous posts.  We humbly ask for your donation towards the Christmas party, and if you can, also donate to the youth ministry since we will be hosting Joe, a youth minister and Catholic artist from the US. Joe will be in the country to boost youth ministry work and he will also be with us for the Children’s Christmas party.

YOU TURNS will be forwarding all your gifts that come in on 7th December. Click HERE  and send us the best you can.

Those of you who responded and sent me your postal addresses, our Christmas gifts are on the way. We hope you can have them before the 25th December!

Thank you all for the love and support, and may the God Lord keep you all.


2 Responses

  1. May Angella grow evermore in the Spirit and take a role among the children at the home of handing on or encourageing them in the faith.

    • That i my prayer too. We are looking to a couple of them receiving their First communion before the year ends.
      I gave new rosaries to each one of them, apart from 2 who are Muslims, and asked Angella to always lead them into reciting it every night.

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