Update from Uganda Youth Ministry Association and Home Sweet Orphanage.

I wish to update you on what is going on at Home Sweet Orphanage and Uganda Youth Ministry Association.

In the last post, I told you about Emmanuel, one of the children at the Orphanage who as sitting for his primary leaving Examinations. Emma successfully finished his Exams and he will now be at the Orphanage full-time for the next 3 months as he awaits the results of the Exams. Hopefully he will be of help to the matrons in performing some of the tasks at the Orphanage like keeping the compound clean, collecting firewood and fetching water.

Angella’s Confirmation is on Sunday, 18th November at Kitende Parish. I will be traveling there to have a day with her and the other children. Yesterday, I was able to send her the money she needed to shop for her white dress and shoes. Thank you all who sent in a donation towards that cause.

Still from your kind donations, all the medical bills that were pending have been paid and some more food purchased. Thank you, thank you so much.

All the children are healthy and send you their warm greetings.

Uganda Youth Ministry Association will be hosting a renowned Catholic Youth Minister and Hip hop music artist. Joe Melendrez and his companion, Lance, will be in Uganda 13th-19th December 2012.

Joe will be coming to boost youth ministry in Uganda, and will as well officiate at the Christmas party for Home Sweet Orphanage. He will hold a day’s workshop for youth at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel-Busega Parish, as well as perform a live concert at LIDIA MACCHI youth centre. The theme of the workshop is “The Role of Youth in the Church”.  How beautiful it will be to let our youth here in Uganda know that the Church needs them, and that there is no Church without them. With the Advent of the many Pentecostal Churches in the towns of Uganda, the Catholic Church faces a challenge of keeping their ministry to the youth vibrant, or lose them to these other churches.  I anticipate that Joe’s performances and presentations will spark a new life in the ministry to youth in our local parishes. More details HERE

Uganda Youth Ministry Association operates on the kind donations from some of you. The success of these events greatly depends on the charity of you my friends.  We do not want to deny any interested youth of Uganda a chance to be part of these events, so we are not charging any fee for attendance to any of the events.  This leaves us constrained in meeting some of the basic requirements like hiring the venue, hiring the needed equipment, making the necessary advertising , accommodating and transporting the two visitors when they are finally here. On top of all this is the need for funds to organize the Children’s Christmas party at the Orphanage.

Lance and Joe have already paid for their flight fares, though Joe would be happy if we were able to contribute a portion to his fare. As I was doing a quick summing this morning, I found we would need at least $2000 for a successful Children’s party and youth events.

It is for this reason that I am humbly requesting that you remember to pray for the success of these events and that you bless us with your donations.  I pray that each one of you can be able to give a bit more extra than you have given us in the past. Share this post with your friends and family, and personally ask them to donate to us for this cause.

T o donate, visit YOU TURNS and remember to live a comment stating how much goes to the Orphanage, and how much goes to the youth ministry.

Thank you so much and may God bless you and keep you.


UPDATE: I just got an email informing me that our Lay Dominican group will be meeting on the same day Angella will be confirmed. I have to be at this meeting to prepare for our first profession. This means I will not be able to go and be present for Angella’s confirmation. Hopefully Sarah (my wife) will go and be with her.


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