UPDATE: Love and greetings from Home Sweet Orphanage

My journey to and from the Orphanage yesterday was good and safe. Thanks be to God for the journey mercies.  I was able to attend an early morning Mass at my parish before I traveled. I have always gone to the Orphanage on Saturdays, but because we were going to give the children a special treat (serve a special meal for them), it was necessary that we do it on Sunday since some of them go to school on Saturday. And, my next visit there will also be on a Sunday, 18th November, for the Confirmation of one of the children. You will get some details towards the end of this post.

It was raining the entire journey to, and it took much longer than usual. I arrived at the Orphanage a few minutes after 11am.

The children gave me a warm welcome, singing and dancing. I was happy that this time, they looked healthier and happier. Yes, there is a difference you and me are bringing into their lives. I was able to record a video of the children singing and dancing, but unfortunately my blog is not upgraded to allow me to embed it here. I will try uploading it on youtube and sharing the link with you.

There is an exercise I have so long wanted to do; have a file for every child with his/her photo and all the basic details.  This time I was able to do this. Every child now has a fine that contains their basic details and background. I will only be able to share them on facebook, it is quicker to upload them there than here.


All together the children are 47, but only 33 stay permanently at the Orphanage premises. Due to lack of space and supplies like mattresses and blankets in their dormitory, the 14 were placed in the care of 7 foster families in the neighborhood. However, they can always come to the Orphanage for basic supplies.

Those residing permanently at the Orphanage are:

Name                  SEX Age Class
Nampijja Jovita      F 4yrs Not in school yet
Nagayi Annet         F 5yrs Not in school
Kibirige Steven      M 2yrs Not in school
Nakayiza Patricia    F 3yrs Baby Class
Nayigga Majorine    F 3yrs Not in school
Nazziwa Mangeli      F 7yrs P.1
Ssemata Wikliff       M 7yrs Baby Class
Lukyamuzi Augustine M 5yrs P.2
Matovu Ronald          M 11yrs P.2
Walakila Darvine       M 8yrs P.1
Nakakande Teddy      F 13yrs P.6
Ssango Godfrey         M 11yrs P.4
Nakaggwa Prossy      F 12yrs P.3
Namwanje Prossy      F 13yrs P.6
Nakazi Goretti           F 9yrs P.2
Nakamya Maurice      F 13yrs P.5
Mubiru Francis           M 11yrs P.3
Namusoke Oliver       F 9yrs P.2
Kajubi John Paul        M 10yrs P.2
Kayanja Martin          M 13yrs P.5
Muyanja Frank          M 11yrs P.1
Nalwaga Christine      F 9yrs P.2
Nabiddo Teddy           F 11yrs P.3
Ssekitende Emmanuel M 15yrs P.7
Kyeyune Fahad            M 5yrs Baby Class
Nalugave Mary             F 14yrs P.6
Nabakooza Robinah      F 10yrs P.3
Nakawooya Benitah      F 1yr Not in school
Kalule Peter                 M 11yrs P.2
Matovu Ivan                M 9yrs P.2
Kiiza Angela                F 15yrs Senior 1
Nkonywa Deogratias     M 12yrs P.4
Kyeyune Alafat            M 9yrs P.2

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much

I want to thank you all who have continued to support and help these kids in all ways possible. Those of you who sent in your donations towards this particular visit, thank you so much and God bless you.  R.B. H sent in $250, B.G $65, C.C $50, S.W $25 and S.F $20. Most of you our benefactors have asked me not to publish your identities,  but for the sake of accountability, I am using the initials and you can easily tell that I received your gift and it has been used to help these children.

Other than the nice food, sweets and biscuits that the children enjoyed most today, your donations have helped us to supply 50kg of Posho and 30kg of beans (food enough for the next couple weeks), Vaseline, washing soap and other domestic need

I asked each one of them to write to you a letter, but unfortunately, they all ended up writing to me J I have here a pile of letters that I will enjoy reading all day tomorrow. Here are some of them.


                        Christmas gifts and party

We are organizing that the children can be able to attend the annual Children’s Christmas party, that will taking place on Saturday, 15th December. Each child would need at least $15 to attend. This involves the cost of meals and transport to the venue. This means we will need up to $600 if our children are to join the many other children for this Christmas fun.

I thank you who have already sent in Christmas parcels for the children. I am expecting one from R. B. H to arrive later this week, and one more from B.G to arrive in December.

If you have any items that you wish to send to the kids as Christmas gifts, contact me for the postal details.

                                     URGENT NEEDS

While it has not been in my intentions to solicit donations from you until end of November when I will so much need your help towards the Christmas party, I found a few issues that need attention and I cannot avoid sharing them here:

  • One of the children, Angella, will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on 18th November. For this function, she needs a white dress, a pair of white shoes, a Bible and may be a cake that she will share with the rest of the kids in that joyous day.  All these items can cost up to $40. She seeks your help. I pray that someone out there reading this can consider making her day.

  • There is a pending medical bill that urgently needs to be paid. The bill was accumulated when some of the kids; Steven, Jovita and Annet got sick some time back. It is $52.


Visit YOU TURNS by clicking HERE. The donate button is on top of the right hand side. Once you are on the donation page, leave a message “Donation for Home Sweet Orphanage”. Your donation will reach me and will be used to help the Orphanage.

May God bless you and keep you safe.


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