God has given us signs to follow. We can get help along the way to interpret those signs to find God and to do the right thing.

Jesus uses weather signs to make His point in today’s Gospel. Most of the time, it’s easy to predict the weather.  Likewise, we should know when something we are about to do is leading us down the wrong path. Sometimes we just ignore the signs. Some of us are procrastinators. Or we want the sign to say something else; we want to point it in a different direction.

I can judge what is right, but the right road can be harder or more uncomfortable, so I want to ignore the signs and take an easier road. But I know from sign after sign that the easier road isn’t always easier. The present time seems to leave much to interpretation. Life can be complicated and messy. God has given us signs to follow. We can get help along the way to interpret those signs to find God and to do the right thing.

Jesus explains to us that if we know enough to come in out of the rain or to postpone an event because of weather, we should be aware of The Kingdom of God around us. It is said that a lack of awareness of right and wrong is due to the effect of sin in our lives. This can only be reversed with the help of the Holy Spirit working in us as we strive to be in a state of grace. If we are open to God’s help, then the Gospels can be important learning moments for us to change our ways — just as we would naturally do in the material world. More so, we must change and learn for everlasting life. Sin is real and it is perilous for us to ignore it.

There are signs which indicate the weather is changing and so we must plan accordingly. This is also true spiritually. The spiritual barometric pressure indicates a storm brewing and we must repent accordingly. If we have not let God still the storm inside us, the storm outside us will destroy us. We must settle with our opponent and be reconciled before the storm hits. We should repent while we have the opportunity; later, night will come when no man can repent.

“Of forgiveness be not overconfident, adding sin upon sin. Say not: ‘Great is His mercy; my many sins He will forgive.’ For mercy and anger alike are with Him; upon the wicked alights His wrath. Delay not your conversion to the Lord, put it not off from day to day”. “Now is the acceptable time! Now is the day of salvation!”

We live now in a season of mercy, but this season will change into a time of judgment, and mercy will be nothing but the lost opportunity of a lifetime. We sometimes take for granted the blood of Jesus and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There will be a day when confession will be too late. “A time will come when you will long to see one day of the Son of Man but will not see it” . Eventually, the Lord will respect our freedom and give us what we want even if that includes eternal separation from Him. The leaves are falling; it’s getting colder. Repent now.


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