We, by our baptism, are all evangelists. We are called to bring the Good News to the hungering world.

St. Luke left his profession as a doctor to tag along behind Paul on some of his missionary journeys. He had known that in following Jesus He was not assured of having a roof over his head. However, he still probably wasn’t prepared for years of hunger, thirst, poverty, homelessness, manual labor, insult, persecution, and slander. The benefits of working for Jesus didn’t seem that good. You couldn’t have even a walking staff, a traveling bag, or sandals. He must have looked and felt like a failure on many occasions. However, after having put his hand to the plow, Luke did not look back. He persevered. Luke did one of the greatest, most fruitful works in history. He wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Be like Luke. Work “for food that remains unto life eternal”. Your obscure and difficult life will also be of eternal significance, if you do God’s will.

The Harvest is Abundant, but Laborers Are Few . . . .

Jesus needs many more workers to reach the more than four-billion people who don’t know Him. He also needs many more workers to help the nearly two-billion Christians grow in holiness. Therefore, “take courage” and work for Jesus. Work, even if you think you have worked “in vain, and for nothing, uselessly, spent” your strength. Work, even if you consider yourself inadequate and without much to offer compared to other parts of Christ’s body. Work, even if you or others think you’re not needed. Work, even if you are very late for work. The Lord in His mercy may give you a full-life’s pay for very little time on the job. Work, even if you have to suffer, as Jesus the Worker suffered.

So many people are hungering to hear the word of the Lord without knowing that they hunger. We can look at the world around us and see how many are wandering around completely lost. We, by our baptism, are all evangelists. We are all called to follow the Apostles and St. Luke, the Evangelist. We are called to bring the Good News to the hungering world. We don’t know how to do this well. We stumble, fall and fail. But the Lord rewards our effort. He lifts us up and guides us on our way.

Be who you are. That is the best evangelism. If you are a believer, live like a believer. More importantly, love like a believer — show the world that you live a faith grounded in love, powered by love. Your prayers and your loving outreach to those around you are your most powerful tools in evangelizing the world. Rely on God and He will evangelize through you and for you.


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