Update: Poultry project for HSO

For the past couple of months, our minds have been set on a poultry project for Home Sweet Orphanage. This project will be a source of income for the Orphanage, and on some occasions, a source of meat and eggs to supplement the children’s diet.

We came up with this budget:

  • Work on  a modern poultry house    $350
  • Purchase of 150 chicks                          $150
  • Poultry Equipment                                  $200
  • Feeds and Vet care                                  $200
  • Labor                                                             $15 per month
  • Others                                                            $100


So in total, we found that we will need at least $1200 for a modern and big enough poultry farm.

With so many people eating and having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you don’t need to be a college graduate to figure out that there is a huge demand for chickens. Demand is huge but the supply can barely keep up. Fortunes are made by huge chicken farms.

We thank God for our dear friend, M.G. She spiritually adopted the Orphanage several months ago, and with her adoption came her commitment to pay for 2 matrons at the Orphanage. We have the matrons in place, and she has always sent in their monthly pay.

M.G is taking up her vocation, and will be going into a convent soon. She then found it necessary to send us a year’s advance payment for the matrons.  We are very grateful to her. Keep her and her new calling in your prayers.

Now, we have agreed that part of this money can kick-start the poultry project, and  next week, work  to transform the structure above into a modern poultry house will start.


In the meantime, I am reading the book below. It deals with Poultry Farming as a Business; Types of Chickens reared by Ugandan Farmers; Poultry Management Systems; Poultry Houses and Equipment; Poultry Nutrition; Poultry Health, Management of Broilers, of Egg-type Chickens (Layers), of Local/indigenous Chickens, as well as of Turkeys and Ducks; and, Records for a Poultry Enterprise in Uganda. I got to find out that chickens will eat about anything so one has to consider sanitary measures otherwise it just becomes really gross to think about. And yes, learning about chicken includes what they eat, how long they lay eggs, their life span and how to care for them in different stages of their life.

After reading a few things about chicken, then we will make sure we have the right chicken breed to match our goals. A black leg horn chicken for example will lay more eggs than a white leg horn chicken can ever make. However because the breed is of stronger decent, further fortifications are needed to accommodate such chicken.

We have identified Biyinzika Enterprises, to supply our baby chicks when the time comes. They will also supply us with chicken feeds with the help of their  consulting veterinarian who will check the chickens and vaccinate them too, not only recommend vitamins and other supplements but also what feeds to buy as well.

What are some of the equipments that we will need?

  • Chicken feeding and watering equipment
  • Chicken waste disposal equipment
  • Disease and pest control equipment
  • Incubating equipment


We now humbly seek for your donations towards this project. With M.G’s offer, $700 is still needed. Visit www.youturns.org  and when you are on the donate page, give this message, “Donation to HSO”

Thank you and God bless you.


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