Greetings from HSO and prayers needed for some of our ill little ones.

On Saturday, we had a safe journey to and from the Orphanage. We were so pleased to be with kids once again, especially Sarah who had not gone there over some months.

I would say it was a busy day with manual work and we could not gather all the children for singing and dancing, but we had some time to talk to the children one on one. Being the last week of their school holiday, and given the fact that it is beginning to rain in that part of the country, most of the children were busy in the garden planting  crops, while others were collecting firewood.

The children say thank you to all who contributed towards this trip. They were so excited most especially about their new shoes and the many other items


In the pictures above; Sarah talks or rather teaches, some of the children who were in the compound at our arrival. I overheard her teach them about their personal hygiene.

Also in the picture, children gathered around their new shoes, each one was just eager to get his/her pair. Then some of the children pose in their new shoes and lastly a pic that was taken as some of the children were on their way to carry fire wood.


Some of our little ones are ill… fact the two youngest at the Orphanage. Steve( lifted by the matron in the pic below) got ill first and was admitted in hospital for some days. We got to meet him on Saturday, he was better but still weak and under treatment.

Then yesterday, I got the news that little Nagayi Annet( in the pic below, she was enjoying her meal while sitting on top of the table)  is also very sick now. She has cough, diarrhea and is vomiting. Yesterday she was on drip. Yes, on Saturday when we met her, she already looked sickly and had a running nose.i

I hope you will remember to pray for these children that they will recover well soon, and for all the children at the Orphanage.

I believe much of the sicknesses at the Orphanage are related to the poor diet especially for these very little ones. A few weeks ago the situation was even worse, they starved. To be healthy, these children to have a balanced diet but this is not the case yet. The children only depend on Posho or Sweet Potatoes and beans most of the time……and some times even this is not sufficiently provided as they get just a single meal in a day.

Here is what it would cost us if we were to give these children a balanced diet for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Breakfast per day

-2kg of posho for porridge              5000sh

-2 litres of Milk                                    2000sh

-3 loaves of bread                               9000sh

Lunch and supper  per week

-20kg of Rice                   70,ooosh

-8 banches of Tooke     80,000sh

-20kg of Posho                 50,000sh

-10kg of Gnuts                 40,ooosh

-28kg of beans                  50,400sh

-spices                                  30,000sh

Total cost of meals per week =  432,400sh = $177     This means the cost of food for a month when we are giving the children 3 meals and a balanced diet goes for $708.
These children do not only need to eat, but to be healthy, they also need to eat healthy.

Currently, they have some food supply enough to take them to the end of the first week of September. We need your support. Consider giving us your gift now. Click HERE.

Thank you so much.


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