“Nothing will be impossible for you,” is all that Christ says.

“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed …nothing will be impossible for you.”

“All depends on faith”. Throughout history, men and women “by faith conquered kingdoms, did what was just, obtained the promises; they broke the jaws of lions, put out raging fires, escaped the devouring sword; though weak they were made powerful, became strong in battle, and turned back foreign invaders. Women received back their dead through resurrection. Others were tortured and would not receive deliverance, in order to obtain a better resurrection. Still others endured mockery, scourging, even chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, sawed in two, put to death at sword’s point”. By faith, we conquer the world. “But when the Son of Man comes, will He find any faith on the earth?”

We see in today’s Gospel, the Apostles are trying to drive out a demon, but they are unable to do so.  Then Jesus approaches them and tells them they failed “Because of your little faith.”  There are times when we may find ourselves wondering how much faith the Apostles had.  These were men who lived with Jesus, traveled with Him, and saw His many wondrous works.  They witnessed the healing of the sick and the lame, the blind who were given sight, and even the dead who were raised to life, and yet Jesus tells them they cannot drive out demons because of their little faith.  How little my own faith must be in comparison to theirs’.

Christ follows this up by telling us that with faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains.  We often hear this phrase.  A mustard seed is the smallest of seeds and yet, when fully grown, it becomes the greatest of plants.  We typically think of a mustard plant as being a giant tree, towering above others, but a mustard plant is a weed, and with one seed, an entire field can be ruined because a mustard plant will quickly spread and take over an entire field.  So it is with our lives.  If our faith was like a mustard seed, it would spread throughout our lives, finding its way into every corner of our lives.  If we even crack open the door to our hearts, God will fill us with his love and transform every aspect of our lives.

The first step towards turning your mustard seed of faith into a faith capable of moving your personal mountains might be to resolve to do the best you can with what God has given you. This is an example of faith and trust that all of us, however humble, can seek to emulate. We can only move the seemingly impossible mountains in our own lives by surrendering to faith in God’s purpose, even when our faith is the size of a mustard seed. Faith includes a humble, child-like trust in the God who saves.  A little true faith can work wonders.“Nothing will be impossible for you,” is all that Christ says.  We will be able to move mountains.

The Gospel reminds us that the whole concept of faith is not needing any proof like the sick being cured or mountains being hurled into the sea.  The saints knew this and were content not to see. Blinded by the glory of the Indwelling God, they forsook the proof our weak faith often craves and sometimes demands. Through the intercession of Saint Clare whose memorial feast the Church celebrates today, may we be content to let God be God and do as He wills, when, where and how He desires.


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