St. Declan and Home Sweet Orphanage

Today, July 24th, the Church commemorates the Feast of St. Declan.  And talking of Declan, we cannot forget to pray for our much-loved priest, Fr. Declan O’toole, the Mill Hill missionary who was murdered in Northern Uganda 10 years ago. At 31 years, he was a brave man who used the pen instead of weapons to bring peace to Uganda. Fr. Declan’s enthusiastic commitment to peace made his tragic death all the sadder. Fr O’Toole was shot in the north east of the country along with two native companions as they returned home from a peace meeting.

Fr.Declan loved his missionary life. He brought hope and good news to so many during his five years of missionary work. His memory will live on for ever in the area of Uganda where he worked and with his family, friends and the people of his native Claran. He loved to laugh and for his sake we must keep on smiling even in times of hardship.

And what about the Home Sweet Orphanage? This orphanage was started in memory of Fr. Declan by his Ugandan friend. Fr. Declan helped this young man in his times of hardship as an Orphan and there was no better way to remember him than founding up an Orphanage.

The Orphanage though going through a series of hardship, is a now home for 50 Orphans and vulnerable children


It is unfortunate that due to lack of resources, this Orphanage was about to close early this year. We thank God for the generosity of friends, the situation is slowly getting back to normal.  We are still in dire need of help, and I hope after reading this post, you can consider sending us a donation HERE

The needs of the Orphanage are numerous, but here I will mention the significant ones so that:

  • Food: The children should be served at least 3 meals a day, but as I write, there are many days that the children will only have one meal! Breakfast usually comes in form of Maize Porridge with sugar and on some cases with a yellow banana when it is available. It would be more nutritious for these children if it were mixed with milk, put the Orphanage cannot afford that now.
    Lunch and supper usually come as Posho, Matooke , or Sweet Potato served with Beans or G.nuts. These children like Rice and Beef and we are doing our best to make sure that they can have it at least once in 2 weeks, but it is still not affordable.
    In total food costs up to $1200 every month. The Orphanage is  yet to acquire a fertile peace of land so that food is cultivated to save on the cost of buying food.
  • Water: The Orphanage is blessed with an underground water well that was constructed with aid from some friends some years ago. However for water to get into the storage tank above the ground, it is pumped by a diesel generator. Diesel worth $20 can be used to fill the storage tank to capacity, and the tank is used up in a week’s time. This means that at least $80 is needed every month to pump water. When this safe water cant be pumped, the children can only fetch water at a nearby stream, though this water is dirty and unsafe as you can see in one of the pictures above.
  • Domestic and Scholastic needs: The domestic needs that these children often use are soap, toothpaste, and Vaseline.  Those children who are of age are sent to near by schools to study, and though they can access the government universal free education there, they will always need scholastic needs like books and pens. Periodically, the children also need new clothes.Domestic and scholastic supplies cost up to $300 every month.
  • Bedding: Currently the Orphanage only has 5 double decked beds and not more than 20 mattresses. Most of the children have to sleep on the floor and share bedding. We are currently fundraising to but more beds, mattresses, blankets and bedsheets. We need at least  $500 for this cause.
  • Poultry project: We are also fundraising to start a poultry project so as to supplement the diet of the children. The project will also big enough to bring is some income through the sale of eggs and chicken. At least $1000 is needed for this cause.

Help us to help them. Send us your donation now. Click HERE and you will be there. Remember to leave this note, Donation to Home Sweet Orphanage”.

Remember that every day 5,760 more children become orphans. Every 15 seconds, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa.It is estimated that many orphans will spend an average of 10 years in an orphanage or foster care program. Infants may stay as long as 18 years while children who become orphans at an older age stay a shorter time.250,000 children are adopted annually but 14,050,000 orphan children will grow up and age out of the orphan care system.3 That means that every day 38,493 children will age out. That’s one orphan every 2.2 seconds who will leave an orphanage or foster care with no family to belong to and no place to call home. Less than 1% of all orphan children will be adopted. Who will care for the rest of the millions of orphaned, abandoned and homeless children? These are not just numbers and statistics, these are CHILDREN! Distressed, struggling and with little hope in the world.

Thank you and may God bless you.


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