“Courage my child, your sins are forgiven. . . .”

Today’s gospel story — like all New Testament healing miracles —   asserts that encounters with Jesus in faith are always healing. Emphatically it is not asserting, as Old Testament Covenant Theology implies, that God causes the suffering. The Goods News of the New Testament message is simple:  encounters with Jesus in faith bring wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

This is a crucial message for Christians. Don’t we experience our need for God’s presence most acutely in our sufferings and weaknesses? When we blame God for these sufferings we put a barrier between ourselves and God at the time we need God’s presence most.

Courage my child, your sins are forgiven. . . .

It is interesting that this is the first response that Jesus makes. Jesus, being fully human, understood entirely the terrible position of the paralytic – the burden he was for those around him, and the sense of futility and frustration that the man himself felt.

And yet, His first response was, “Courage . . . your sins are forgiven.” In this, Jesus is showing us where to look. He is pointing out what is the most important thing. No in matter what state we find ourselves in life, it is good to recall that this is not all there is. In fact, this life, beautiful, precious, and wonderful as it can be, is but the prelude, the great overture to the life to come. Should anything in this life get in the way of joining that future life, our priority should be to remove the obstacle.

Occasionally in the accounts of Jesus’ healings there is a connection between personal suffering and sin. Jesus does heal the paralytic. But more important, He points out to the man that the things of this world do not and should not come first. Whatever it is we lack here, we will have there – full measure and overflowing. God loves us and is not ignorant of our present difficulties. He is there to help us bear them, and more important, to constantly point the way home – to show us always and forever that eternity is with us now and is our true home.

The work of forgiveness, reconciliation and healing started by our Lord Jesus Christ goes on today in our Church and communities through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through our prayers, let us help those who are laid low by life-threatening ailments, and ask God to heal them and give them another chance to be fully reconciled to HIM.


Dear reader, if you found this article helpful, consider supporting this work so that we can be able to take the daily word to even more people that long for it.

Your gift will help us in paying the costs that come with this ministry work and to help our new apostolate among the children of Home Sweet Orphanage. Thank you so much.



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