Two wonderful Teenagers for a wonderful mission


Faith Savvanah Henning and her closest friend Tylar Josie are such wonderful  teenagers in Texas. They burn and radiate with the love for Christ and are so open to share it with others, especially the children at Home Sweet Orphanage.

I have talked to Faith and Josie myself, and Wow….these two girls are so good, and indeed the Lord is calling them and leading them to a great mission. They are faithfully planning a trip to Uganda so that they can spend some time with the children at the Orphanage. There is much more they feel they can do to help.

Faith and Josie are an inspiration to many and you could do something to support them. Do you have a teenager at home who would love to be part of this mission? Is there any help you can give to Faith and Josie, so that they too are able to help the children? Here is their blog page. Take some time and read their recent articles. You will love what they have at heart and please keep them in prayer.


6 Responses

  1. Faith and Josie say that adults are also much welcome to join them on this trip. Contact them now.

  2. I feel a calling from God to be a part on missionary work. I will contact the girls 🙂

  3. Hey! For sure contact me if God is leading anyone else to join! We would Love to have more! 🙂

  4. thanks for such wonderful information…keep posting more…

  5. […] I told you about the 15-year-old teenagers in Texas who feel that they are being called to come on a mission trip to Uganda. And now, they tell me that […]

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