“Follow Me”, our Lord says.



Most of you have heard of the old song, Follow Me, by John Denver.

Used frequently at weddings, the words of ‘Follow Me’ tell of love, faithfulness, and commitment.

By putting the words into the mouth of Christ, the song turns into a glorious ballad of invitation to the listener to be a follower of the Lord, His disciple. This is the attitude I took in regard to the song especially as I read today’s Gospel.

Here are some words from the song. “It is by far the finest thing I have ever done to be so in love with you for so long a time. Follow me where I go. Make a part of you to be a part of Me. Follow me up and down, all the way and all around. Take my hand and say, you will follow me”

In our way of thinking, we should remember that Jesus of Nazareth is saying these words to each one of us. Jesus declares that the finest thing He has done in His work as God has been to love me, to love you, from the first moment of my/your life. Walk with me, the Lord asks, not a mile behind, out of sight, but instead close to Him, at His side. Christ desires that we freely offer our hearts to Him. He wants to make it part of His life. Follow Me, He begs, in the bright days, in times of good health, and in times of poor health. He wants us to stay at His side in all the changing circumstances of life. He offers His nail-pierced hand in friendship. No threatening gestures, only graciousness.

“See, I want to share my life with you, to show you things I have seen.” In these last words, the grand adventure of life, our glorious destiny appears, if we so wish it. By taking the Master’s hand we begin to share His life on earth.

All of us need to seek and to follow Christ without concern for our reward or comfort, without even a clear idea of what we are getting into.  Oswald Chambers, a 19th century British preacher, once said that “Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.”

We should be ready to live our lives in that kind of a faith, trusting that Jesus will never lead us astray, never ask more of us than we can handle, never call us to simply “stay between the lines” of social conventions or to limit ourselves to obeying the 10 commandments.  Christ’s Beatitudes are an open-ended call.

If we can respond generously and with a holy eager longing, He can take us where He thinks best and show us what we need to know.  Then He can reveal to us who we are in our learning who He is and how deeply He yearns to have us with Him.


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