Birthday greetings from Home Sweet Orphanage

Today has been my 30th birthday and I was able to celebrate with the children at Home Sweet Orphanage. The journey to the Orphanage started at around 8am and with God’s mercies, we were able to reach at around 10:30am.

The children were already in a jolly mood and expecting us, so at arrival the fun started. The pictures below give you a view of our time at arrival; the welcome and the singing. You remember Steve?  The boy I am holding in the picture below. I talked about him in my post after my last visit. He was abandoned at the Orphanage weeks ago, and current he is the newest and youngest boy at the Orphanage. Steven should be just close to two years. He was sick but is now recovering.


We then gave the children some entertainment. They were able to watch a movie and some gospel music on computer. They were so attentive here and they loved it. See the pictures below.

Then, you remember at my last visit I found that the only matron we had had gone away and the children had no body to care for them on close basis. I expressed the need to hire at least two matrons so that they can take good care of the children by monitoring their hygiene and the cleanliness of the place on top of preparing and serving meals for the children. A friend and reader of this blog who spiritually adopted the Orphanage also made a commitment to make a monthly contribution to pay for 2 matrons.  The matrons started their work, and the children were so happy with their new JJajas (Grandmoms). The pictures below show the new matrons.


Immediately after entertainment, came time lunch.  Thanks be to God that we were able to treat the children to a very tasty meal, the kind of which they would all love to have at least every after two weeks. These kids like beef, rice and matooke, and their favorite drink is soda. They enjoyed all this.

And then lastly came time for the baby boy to cut the cake. “Happy birthday Uncle Steve” the children shouted! The children all gathered around me as I blew the 30 candles before cutting the cake. It was a fun-filled exercise. Yes, they all had to remind us about their birthdays J. I served every one with a cake myself, and we chatted a few words and travelled back. It was 5pm by then. That is how enjoyable the day has been.


Every time I am at with these kids, I cannot forget to remind myself of how much I need to be of help to these innocent kinds. Their eyes are set on me and Uncle Robert. They trust that we can do the needful to bring them what they lack! And you can help us fulfill this obligation. I am sorry, but I cannot help to always ask for your donations. It is all for the sake of these young angels. They are called orphans, and it is true many of them are. Some have been abandoned by their poor parents, and yes they are poor. If not for Sweet Home Orphanage, they are homeless! Who more than these children could need your help? These could be some of the reasons to create a dark future for these children, but you and me can bring the light they now need.

I must say that because of the limited resources I had in my hands this time, I was able to take food and domestic items that will last only a few weeks. Consider sending us your donation now so that we can supply in more food and other needed items.

During the new month of July, we will specially fundraise for new bedding; at least 10 mattresses, blankets and pairs of bed sheets.  At least $500 is needed for this. We are also raising another $500 for a poultry project. That is why you should give now. Remember, any donation you are able to give us is welcome, appreciated and will be of great help

This is how you can donate. Click HERE and when you get to the YOU TURNS donate page, remember to quote that it is a gift to Ugandan Orphanage. Your donation will be forwarded to us and we will acknowledge receipt.

Thank you so much and may God bless you.






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