What is this treasure which Jesus offers so freely and graciously?

If the heart loves material things, and puts earthly gain above heavenly investments, then the result can be only a tragic loss. The treasures of earth may be used for God. But if we gather material things for ourselves, we will lose them; and we will lose our hearts with them. Instead of spiritual enrichment, we will experience impoverishment.”

Jesus is not into the prosperity doctrine. Jesus is into sharing your wealth with the poor and sowing it into the gospel. He does not suggest you get rich in the world’s goods. In Matthew’s Gospel for today, Jesus says “do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth.”  I know from experience that fruit can spoil, cars can rust, and clothes can quickly go out of style! So what do I treasure and why? What is this treasure which Jesus offers so freely and graciously? It is the treasure of God Himself – the source and giver of every good gift and blessing in this life – and a kingdom that will endure forever. The treasure of God’s kingdom produces unspeakable joy because it unites us with the source of all joy and blessings which is God Himself. God offers us the treasure of unending joy and friendship with Himself and with all who are united with Him in His heavenly kingdom. In Jesus Christ we receive an inheritance which the Apostle Peter describes as imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for us.

Jesus commands us to build a spiritual bank account, but let’s take it a step further. Let’s purify our motives beyond prospering spiritually. Let’s abandon our all to the Lord, not keeping count of our growing spiritual treasure, but dedicating it all to Him out of love. Give Him your all, and His all will be yours. If our treasure is based on worldly goods, we’re setting ourselves up for a fall. God alone is our Provider, our Security, and our Treasure. What great and practical news it is to hear that we can store up heavenly treasure that cannot be plundered! We set our hearts on what is in heaven, for where our treasure is, there our hearts will be.

Jesus contrasts two very different kinds of wealth – material wealth and spiritual wealth. Jesus urges His disciples to get rich by investing in wealth and treasure which truly lasts, not just for a life-time, but for all eternity as well. Jesus offers heavenly treasures which cannot lose their value by changing circumstances, such as diminishing currency, material degradation, lose, or physical destruction. The treasure which Jesus offers is kept safe and uncorrupted by God Himself.

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