The Burning Bush


The burning bush that Moses saw just kept burning and burning. The bush did not extinguish itself. To me, the burning bush stands as a symbol of God’s everlasting love for each one of us. His love for us keeps on and on whether we accept Him or reject Him.

This true story might help us understand that love better. One night a fire broke out in a little home where a young mother and her two little girls lived. The mother broke from her sleep and faced a wall of flame between her and the girls’ bedroom. Without hesitating, she stepped through the fire and saved the lives of her children. She paid a dreadful price. The flames scarred her once beautiful face and left it ugly and repulsive looking. People would turn their eyes away when they met her on the streets. Thought the years the girls heard often of their mother’s sacrifice on the night of the fire. They fell deeper and deeper in love with her and her deformed face.

In His love for us, God sent His Son to rescue us from sin. His son, Jesus of Nazareth, God among us, knew beforehand what sufferings this mission would entail. But, like the young mother in the story above, Jesus stepped through the wall of brutality that faced Him. He did not flinch.

At the scourging at the pillar, the Roman soldiers struck His face repeatedly in an effort to make Him plead for mercy. Christ was silent. The once handsome face of Christ turned into a bloody caricature of a human appearance. On the Way of the Cross, in His three or more falls, His face smashed into the stony road, adding more fearful bruises to it.

How wise would it be for us to bring the disfigured face of Jesus to mind? As the children in the story came to treasure their mother more and more, so we could do the same for Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth carried out the will of His Father whose love for us never fails. Like the burning bush, this love just keeps burning on and on.



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