Firefly Solar system for Home Sweet Orphanage

Greetings and love from Home Sweet Orphanage, Masaka-Uganda.

R. B’s donation for a solar system reached me on Saturday, and though my next visit to the Orphanage was scheduled on 30th June, I had no good reason to wait until then while the children were is ire need of good and safe lighting.

So, today very early morning, I traveled with a team of two technicians from Base Technologies, the supplies of Firefly solar systems in Uganda. The installation was done successfully and in time for us to return home. Thank you, thank you so much R.B for the love and kindness.

In the picture above, a technician fixes the solar panel on the roof while below, he works on the regulator and switches.

The picture above shows one of the lights in the dormitory after successful installation.

Being a week day, most of the children were already at school for their study, other than those who are not yet of school-going age and the sick ones. It will be a night of rejoicing at the Orphanage tonight when all the children are back from school.

The picture below shows some of the children who were at the Orphanage today at the time we were installing the solar.

In the picture below is the generator pumping water to the storage tank. If you are keen enough, you can see the black storage tank between the buildings below.

You remember I told you before that the Orphanage has an underground water well from which water can be pumped to a storage tank above the ground. The pumping is done using a diesel generator. In most cases, the Orphanage does not have the money to refuel the generator, and so the children have to travel and fetch water at a distant shallow well. The water in the shallow well is not the best for their consumption.

Today we managed to pump some litres  of water into the tank; enough to be used for a week’s time. If you would like to donate towards the pumping of water for the coming weeks, click HERE. Diesel worth $10 can be used to pump water than can take the children for a week.

The bad news is that the only matron we had at the Orphanage left us for greener pastures. She has been at the Orphanage for the last two years, and she has been responsible to the day to day care of the children; cooking for them and catering for their general hygiene. The situation  is worse without a matron. Some of the children are not able to wash and bathe by themselves. The general hygiene of their dormitory also has to be overlooked by a matron. Currently, the older children are taking care of the young ones, but they can not do it better.

Robert’s mother(Robert is the founder of the Orphanage) is currently helping with all the cooking at the Orphanage, but like you can imagine, she is overwhelmed by the tasks on many occasions.

We are working on hiring one or two matrons. A matron is paid at least $30 every month. If you can help us towards this cause please donate by clicking HERE.

And…and then, who is in the picture above? This is my namesake, Steven. Steven is a new child at the Orphanage. He was abandoned there in the compound on Friday, yes, just days ago! Of course, no one knew the name of the found child, and he does not speak, but the time I arrived today, they had all agreed to call him Steven 🙂

Steven was is about 3 years old and he was abandoned probably by his mother while he is sick. Nothing has been done yet to formally admit Steven as a child of the Orphanage, but he is getting medical attention and will be well soon. Keep him in your prayers, and if you could help us towards paying his medical bill, kindly donate by clicking HERE. I suppose the medical bill will not go above $50.

I remember telling you about some sick children in my last post from the Orphanage. Above is Majorine who has been suffering from Measles. She is now doing well though she could not go to school today.

Come 30th June, I will be traveling back to the Orphanage to deliver some food and domestic items. Besides, it will be my birthday, and with my family we will all be celebrating it with the children at the Orphanage.

You, the readers, have already donated $215 towards buying food for the month of July. $185 is still needed. Will you kindly help now? Click HERE and donate.

May God bless you and keep you safe. We at Home Sweet Orphanage pray for you always and we appreciate you love and care.


2 Responses

  1. A friend who read this article and keenly looked at the pictures came up with a concern regarding the beddings of the children.
    The truth is that most of the beddings ( mattresses, blankets and bedsheets) are torn and old and they are not enough. We need at least 10 more new mattresses, blankets and bedsheets. Think of helping towards this cause.

  2. […] who donated to us enough to buy a solar system.  The children now have safe and healthy […]

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