How are we to evangelize?

In the First Reading we receive the exhortation to evangelize, a term that for many of us is at once familiar, yet, obscure. Sure we have heard the word, but what does it mean in terms of our own behavior and in fact, our own responsibility. Since the word “evangelize” means to convert someone, it seems we are charged with being actively involved in the mission of the apostles to spread the Good News to the farthest bounds of the world. And what is the Good News, but the wonderful message of God’s love manifested in the person of Jesus!

Next is the question: “How are we to evangelize?” The answer lies within the context of our individual lives, personalities, circumstances and unique giftedness. For some it will be very obvious as evidenced in the lives and behavior of the saints, for others it will be more hidden in the unseen and mostly unknown work, like that of the proofreader of all these meditations.

In whatever way, the charge is the same. We should give thanks to God as a response to the love He gives us. Let us consider our families, our parents, siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren. They are wonderful blessings from God. But, how often do we take these blessings for granted. In fact, we don’t view them as blessings at all; instead we often view them as rights and things we deserve. It’s no wonder we fail to give God the thanks He deserves. We swallow materialism hook. We fall for the philosophy that we deserve this; it is our right to have that. What we fail to understand is that our sinful nature slaps God in the face every day.  We blatantly break His commandments, we knowingly reject His Word, and we selfishly satisfy our bodies. Despite all this, God not only provides us with health, family, food, clothing and shelter—-God provides Himself. When we realize this, we can all live a life that is filled with God’s love and we can thank Him for all those blessings. Let us give Him thanks as proof that our hearts belong to Him alone.



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