Update: Called To Be Generous and Kind

Much work has been done today, and the book will soon be available on createspace online store, Amazon and on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Wow! It will be listed for only $20.

Here are the changes I made on the cover. I can give you the contents page as well

Acknowledgement                                                                     3

Introduction                                                                                4

Generosity: Pursuit of Charity                                             6

Generosity is of the Heart                                                      8

Use Wisdom In Giving                                                            12

Contentment Needs To Be Added To Generosity         14

Biblical Examples of Generosity                                          15

To Whom Are We To Be Generous                                       17

Why Should We Be Generous                                                 19

Helpful Bible Quotations                                                         21

Kindness: Pursuit of Love                                                        33

Kindness as God’s Principle                                                    36

God Blesses And Uses Kind People                                        37

Why are We Not Kind?                                                               38

Five Aspects of Christian Kindness                                      39

Helpful Bible Quotations                                                         43

Conclusion                                                                                     48

Keep watching and be the first to order for a copy.




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