Called To Be Generous And Kind

I am on the writing table again. I think the long days with out electricity are becoming an advantage as I have the time to use my pen and paper.

‘Called to be generous and kind’ is my new book’s title. I happened to write the first four pages of the book before I could identify the right title, though I knew I was being called to write about 3 virtues; Generosity, Kindness and Humility. By the time I ended the 6th page, I found out that I can only be able to write about Generosity and Kindness. May be humility will come in my next book.

Today, I tried to finish up with the cover pages , though I am not yet convinced with the colors and may have to review them before I can submit my whole work.

The book will be at least 50 pages, and today I have finished the 10th page. It is specially dedicated to all the children at Home Sweet Orphanage in my personal pursuits for the virtues of charity and love.

You can be sure to have your copy by the end of this month through createspace online stores or amazon.


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