Be in love with yourself so much that you want to share that love with others.

I remember sometime back going to a supermarket to buy some Airtime for my mobile phone, and the usually cheerful attendant served me with a very sad face this time. Suddenly, tears started running down her cheeks.

People are so rude,” she exclaimed. Evidently, earlier that morning, a person or two had hurt her feelings with ill-chosen words or actions. Unfortunately, as an employee of the supermarket, the attendant could not retaliate with her true feelings. She had to swallow the rudeness or lose her much needed job. As a single mother, raising two adolescent children, she had to allow herself to be the target of unloving people. Many times, out of control, rude people will lash out with cutting words and angry looks to rob others of their happy appearances. People in service jobs often become the prime targets of these predators of the heart since they are helpless to answer back. Women at such service jobs as hotels, kiosks, reception desks, can often tell of the poor treatment they receive from the public.

Let us always show respect to others. We might well be dealing with angels or the Lord Himself in human form. “As you do to others, you do to Me”, Jesus said. Small marks of consideration can work wonders.

The smile of someone attending to us, be it in a shop, hotel, hospital, bus, or office always lifts our spirits. We say to ourselves, “Life is worth living.”

As we go through life, we can show generosity towards others often, by showing respect to them in the way we address them, by our careful choice of words, we can spread light and love through the world around us. A pleasant voice adds music to the world and soothes the nerves of listeners. Even in the midst of crises, a cheerful voice works wonders in bringing peace. The content of words from the mouth mean much to success in life.

Our struggles to love our neighbor come in the form of people close to us  in everyday life, our next door neighbor, our mean boss, co-workers, possibly from our immediate family, spouse, brothers and sisters. We may feel that they have mistreated us in some way. A little corner of our heart is fenced off the complete love, respect, and care God wants us to have for others.

Our attitude, our outlook on life, can make or break us. Most of those rude people you see around you lack self-esteem with an attitude of anger and frustration towards life. May be a childhood empty of true family love had crippled their minds and hearts from offering respect to others. They are crying out in their hearts for love while often times trying to destroy the spirit of love in others. There is something cowardly in all this.

Perhaps the present day churches have very many empty seats because modern day disciples, you and me, do not show enough of a loving spirit to the world about us. The question we could ask ourselves is, “Did I show enough love towards all whom I met today?” Generosity need not be measured only in terms of money, but rather in frame of mind. Our Lord wishes us to follow His example and go about encouraging others to live the full life. In pursuit of this ideal, we need not to do grand and glorious things. Simply be gracious, kind and pleasant to all whom we meet each day, no matter what their appearance or social standing might be.  All are precious to Christ.  Every person crossing our way has a cross to carry. Our treatment of them might be just what they need that day to continue carrying that cross courageously.

When was the last time we wrote a few lines of good will to a friend? Try writing a letter to that someone out there struggling with the trials of life. Hug your family members! Tell them often, “ I think you’re great!”  A smile on the face of a family member is like a rainbow in the sky, a promise of much good to come. Be generous with your smiles. Courtesy, good manners, and mutual respect should mark our present generation different from the Stone Age where force ruled. Consider the words “thanks” and “please” as keys to the heart of others.

Start off the day with the thought, “I will do my best to help the people I meet today with a kind word, a compliment, or a smile. Everyone crossing my path has crosses to bear, mostly hidden ones, and my kindness in word, deed or look may be a vital support to that person in carrying his cross for today”.




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