The sharing Spirit of Christ

If you have had the chance to view the movie, “The Life of Christ”, you can tell that this movie highlights the sharing spirit of Christ.The wish to share in our human life began right with His birth as a child of Mary. He desperately wanted to be like us in every way, with all our human limitations, hunger, thirst, and a desire to be loved. In His Baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus further humbled Himself since baptism was reserved for sinners. In our daily life, we can imitate our Humble Christ by being blessed with a desire to share with others our little treasures of food, money, ideas, encouragement and good will.

“ I tell you the truth, whatever you do for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you do for me” Matthew 25:40

Vulnerable Children are the object of true religion. Seeing them hungry, naked, sick, and abused, the call for us all is to respond as if responding to Christ Himself. The Children at Home Sweet Orphanage-Uganda are in dire need of your help. The donation you give right now will help them have a meal, light in their dormitory, a cloth on their body and many other domestic needs.

Remember the Lord is not outdone in generosity. John Denver, the late, much loved ballad singer, said that if he had the last loaf of bread in the world, he would share it with others. An inspired writer once offered an idea. If a family was down to its last dollars, and a part of it is given to some other in even greater need, the struggling family is helped. What a thrilling experiment that would be!

In the famous story by Charles Dickens, The Christmas Carol, old scrooge, a miser at the beginning of the tale, changed his way of thinking after three out of this world visits by ghosts. What a joy-filled life became his as he saw the results of his cheerful giving to Tiny Tim’s family. Hopefully, we don’t need such apparitions to make us generous, gracious followers of the poor Christ.

Share some of your resources with these needy brothers and sisters. Click HERE now, then click on “Donate” and remember to accompany your donation with a note “ Donation to Orphanage, Uganda”.

Now, what is your kind donation going to do! Besides providing food and other domestic needs to the 50 children in this Orphanage, we are also fundraising towards the purchase of a solar panel. The Orphanage currently uses Kerosene lamps for lighting. Electricity is far out of reach to this community.  We all know that Kerosene lamps are not healthy and safe for these children, and in the long run, the cost of maintaining them is even expensive. On some bad or good days, the children have to spend nights in the dark as the matron and management of this place will have no money to refill the lamps.  A solar system is cost effective in this case and durable.

$900 is needed for the above purposes. You can go on and Donate now.

And if you are still considering your gift as small or irrelevant, go ahead and read this. I recently was traveling from home to town, here in Kampala-Uganda. The fare for this journey on taxi is only 1500 Uganda shillings. It so happened that the woman seated next to me had only 1400sh. With all her baggage, she looked dismayed while searching for change. I then handed over the 100sh to her. Her eyes spoke volumes of gratitude, almost as if I had paid for her entire fare! “It was only 100sh”, I said. She replied, “Yes, but, it meant very much to me”. She won’t forget me. Go ahead now and share with us the best you can. Thank you and may God bless you.



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