Tell people who the Father is, who the Son is, and who the Holy Spirit is.

A few years ago, a young Harvard genius by the name of Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. In a short space of time, millions of people have made their pictures and much of their personal information available on the internet. Why this phenomenon? There is an obvious need for relationship in the human soul that is fulfilled by this. Most people shun isolation. They yearn to be connected. Thanks to Mark, facebook has also become a very helpful tool for Evangelization. I personally enjoy the benefits of using facebook 

Today’s solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity connects the mysterious three-personed God with all human creatures. Rather than warning us men and women to keep our distance from God, Jesus Christ, Himself a part of this awesome God, encouraged His disciples to become intimately joined to the life and love of His divinity. “That they may be one, as You Father and I are one” was the urgent plea of Jesus as He bade farewell to His disciples at the Last Supper. He made that possible through His death and resurrection, through the Eucharist, and in His revealing to His followers the Most Holy Trinity. Far from being an exclusive club, in today’s Gospel, He commands the apostles to travel with this news to all nations. They are to baptize all people “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Thus, hopefully, the whole world will be connected, much more closely than Facebook!

Today’s first reading describes the speech of Moses to the Israelites before they entered the land of Canaan. “This is what you must now know and fix in your heart, that the Lord is God in the heavens above and on earth below, and that there is no other.” No wonder the Pharisees had such a hard time in accepting Jesus’ assertion that He was the Son of God!
In the second reading from Romans, St. Paul tells us that not only are we adopted sons of God with a right to address the Father by the intimate term, “Abba,” but that we share the inheritance with Jesus, our brother. All this happens when we choose to be led by the Spirit of God. Then we are sons and daughters. We are part of the family! We share in the intimate joyful life of the Trinity. One condition is laid down – to suffer with Jesus in order to be glorified with Him. Paul describes finding comfortability with God. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy, we get confused, or maybe we feel that we don’t need God. For me these natural feelings can cause me to feel like a stranger to God, or perhaps even a “spirit of slavery.” Worry and unworthiness can cause us to fear God and fear the faith to let him in..Not until we open ourselves and realize that we are children of God, and he is there to carry our burdens and break our chains.
Today’s Gospel presents Jesus in the last verses of Matthew’s account of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord. Like Moses, Jesus gave His first instruction on a mountain of Beatitudes and here at the end Jesus is giving an instruction about their futures. Jesus announces that all power has been entrusted to Him and He is sharing that with His disciples. They are to use this power to make new disciples and including them into the circle of power through baptism. Jesus commits Himself to His being with them all and forever. They are to announce that all they do will be in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. The Gospel concludes with Jesus assuring us that He will never desert us. “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Every year on Trinity Sunday, we are filled anew with that Spirit of adoption that leads us to lovingly cry out “Abba, Father!”. Today is the celebration of a joy which no one can take away from us. Today we realize all over again that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are with us always. Today we can give ourselves completely to God. Christian brothers and sisters, rejoice today in “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit”. Praise to the Holy Trinity forever! May we live with joy in the life of the Holy Trinity!
So here are a few things we can all meditate on today so that we are better equipped to go out and “make disciples” ourselves.
The Father: He is the creator of the universe who holds us close to his heart. His voice thunders in the heavens and whispers quiet words of love in our hearts. He is supreme above all things. He knows us completely and loved us absolutely before we were even conceived.
The Son: He is the image of the invisible God, divine love in human form. Jesus opened the gates of heaven for us and all who believe and are baptized. On the cross, he restored our relationship with God, bringing us back into his embrace. He rescued us from sin and death, and set our feet in the way of peace.
The Spirit: He is a divine gift given to guide and direct us. He leads us in all truth and teaches us God’s mind. Through his indwelling presence, we grow more loving, patient, and joyful. He gives us words of understanding, comfort, and instruction for our day. And he gives us the energy we need to do the things God has called us to do.

Glory be to the Father, Who by His almighty power and love created me, making me in the image and likeness of God. Glory be to the Son, Who by His Precious Blood delivered me from hell, and opened for me the gates of heaven. Glory be to the Holy Spirit, Who has sanctified me in the sacrament of Baptism, and continues to sanctify me by the graces I receive daily from His bounty. Glory be to the Three adorable Persons of the Holy Trinity, now and forever. Amen.

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