Greater than money is the gift of being known and standing together in solidarity.

Let us ponder God’s Word! ‘Faith comes by hearing’, says St Paul, ‘and hearing by the Word of God’. The more we hear about God and his heart the more our faith will grow. We speak God’s word aloud to ourselves today. We remind ourselves that God is good. Always! God loves us. That never changes. God will always care for us. Abundantly. It’s true that we can’t earn God’s love or do anything to make him love us any more—or any less, for that matter. But Jude isn’t telling us to keep working hard to make sure that our Father still loves us. Instead, his words speak more directly to the way we use the precious gift of our memories. His words tell us to do all we can to keep the memory of God’s love for us alive so that we can continue to think and act in a way that honors the Lord.

Today’s Reading from the Letter of Jude contains two pretty wonderful thoughts: First: even though we are vulnerable to sin, Jesus can keep us from stumbling.
And second: even if we do stumble, He is able to restore us, unblemished and exultant, in the presence of His glory. We can only fathom all this by faith, for no human experiences can replicate what such restoration might mean. Perhaps the only thing that comes close is stories of miracles, where all that was thought hopeless and lost is amazingly restored!
Since we may never personally experience what some may think are profound miracles, we need to recognize all the little miracles in the course of our daily lives that really are profound evidence of God’s power and love. Let us then be joyful – God loves us and wants to keep us from stumbling and restore us unblemished and exultant. No one reaches their goals without lots of help. Sooner or later, each needs a second or third chance or more, we are never alone, even when carrying guilt for crimes. The hard times can be endured because we are in it together. Greater than money is the gift of being known and standing together in solidarity. Mercy is life’s oxygen.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Jude closes his short letter by giving a brief summary about what the Christian can do to remain strong. The solution had been given previously in other Scriptures; for example, Peter had dealt with it in greater length in his second epistle. Notice how Jude summarizes the Lord’s solution to dealing with these pressures: It is our responsibility to “build” ourselves up in this faith. To accomplish this, “the most holy faith” must be known and applied. To know it and not use it will suffice nothing. Many people know the right thing to do. Far fewer are willing to do it.

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