Greetings from Home Sweet…..and ooh, pilgrims to the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations.

Today was another happy and blessed day with the children at Home Sweet Orphanage.  This time I traveled with Herbert, a friend and social worker at Bweya Children’s home. My wife Sarah could not travel with us as she is still unwell, keep her in your prayers.

Before reaching the Orphanage, along the highway we meet groups of pilgrims on their way to Namugongo for the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations come 3rd June. The group I talked to have been  walking for the past 5 days and nights from western Uganda, and this point was only half-way of the journey. They still have to walk for another 3-4 days and nights to reach Kampala. May we all keep the pilgrims in our prayers. Martyrs of Uganda, pray for us.

At the Orphanage, we first participated in an exercise of having all the children immunized against measles. There is an out break of measles in Uganda, and right now it is a government policy to immunize all children. It was a fun-filled day, thanks to the efforts of Uncle Herbert. Being experience in social work with children, he had a lot of to share with these young children. We played, sang, jumped, ran and lastly prayed. Every child had a smile on the face.

And then came time for the gifts. With the help of friends, especially friends through Holy Souls Hermitage, we were able to carry several items for the children. These included food items like Posho, Beans, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Bread and Biscuits. We also carried domestic items like Soap, Tins of body lotion, tooth brushes and paste. I must say that the children were so happy, and may God bless all of you who were able to contribute towards this trip.

Remember, we visit these children every last Saturday of the month. The items we carried today can only take them a month ahead, and we will need to be there for them again.

Our next visit is on 30th June 2012. This will be a unique visit since it will be my 30th birthday. I will be so blessed and happy to celebrate it with these lovely children. We( me and you) will throw a small birthday for these children. Just a few kilometers from the Orphanage is  a cool beach called Nabugabo beach. The children are looking forward to go out there and celebrate with me. The birthday party will cost us at most $100. And of course we will need to carry for them items to use through July. These will cost at most $300. And lastly, with your help, my birthday wish is to purchase a solar system for the Orphanage. They currently use Kerosene lamps which are unhealthy and unsafe for the children, and are expensive in the long run. I have been able to identify a solar system with solar companies here, and goes for $500. This system is able to light 7 lamps which is well enough for the lighting purposes of this Orphanage.

So, we need to raise $900 from now up to at least a week to 30th June. On behalf of the children at Home Sweet Orphanage, I take this chance to humbly solicit for your support. Remember that especially the feeding of these children is entirely on your generosity, and it would not be just for us to be exempt from the scourge which afflicts the world.  We should be the first to share the unhappiness of others, to take upon ourselves the sorrows of others, and to unite ourselves with all the suffering peoples of the world.

Click Here now…..just Here. Please  after clicking on donate, do not forget to give this note,”Donation to Orphanage,Uganda”

May God bless you and keep you.


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