Jesus is praying for us today—just as he prayed for his apostles centuries ago!

Jesus preached understanding, acceptance, and unification under God.  As followers, we must live in solidarity with one another, accepting and supporting each other.  We must treat all individuals in this manner, especially those who have been marginalized.  Jesus prayed for our generation and all future generations to share in community.  Through truly accepting the love of God and loving all people around us, we may become one. Jesus also prayed that our hearts would be filled with love for other people and a desire that everyone would come to the blessings of liv­ing in his kingdom. In other words, he prayed for our unity in him. He prayed that we would work to overcome all of our differences, pull down every dividing wall between us, and learn to live in harmony with each other. He prayed this because he knew that unity is the most powerful sign of his king­dom—a sign that brings even more people to believe. By Jesus’ standards, “United” means that we are graced to be one as Jesus and the Father are One. “United” means living in Jesus and He in us . “United” means being temples of the Holy Spirit and having the Triune God live within us. “United” means being members of the body of Christ and being baptized into His body, the Church.

Christ prayed that all of us, as Christians, might be one body beneath one head, animated by one soul, in union with Christ and the Father, through the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Let us endeavor to stay united in the bond of peace, praying that we all may be more and more united in one mind and one judgment. Thus, we shall convince the world of the truth.  He declared the name and character of God, by His doctrine and His Spirit, so that the love of God towards Him might abide with us also. Thus, being joined to Christ and living by the Holy Spirit, we should be consumed with the conviction of our faith and, with joy and hope in God, enjoy a blessed happiness, of which we can form no real idea in our present state. If you want to see the bigger pic­ture, spend time every morning in prayer. Fix your eyes on Jesus as he is enthroned in heaven, and he will give you a heavenly perspective on your life. He is praying for you today—just as he prayed for his apostles centuries ago!

“Heavenly Father, have mercy on your people and heal the divisions in the body of Christ. May all Christian people throughout the world attain the unity for which Jesus prayed on the eve of his sacrifice. Renew in us the power of the Spirit that we may be a sign of that unity and a means of its growth. Increase in us a fervent love for all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.”

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