Your Sunday Visitor: 6th Week of Easter

Here is Issue No.3 of Your Sunday Visitor, may it bless you all through the 6th Week of Easter. Remember to respond to our call about Home Sweet Orphanage if you can, we have only two weeks to our next visit.

I am certainly very sure that the majority of Ugandans do not access internet, so I am making the necessary efforts to start printing out at least 500 copies of this magazine and make it available at churches and to schools to put in the student libraries. At the moment, the cheapest cost of production for each copy is 2000sh,(approx. $1) which is proves expensive for most readers to pay. When I start doing the printing myself, the cost could be reduced to 1000sh. In the meantime, I am looking out for a new, lasting and easy to use printer.

Your Sunday Visitor3

Feel free to share this magazine with your friends and family. Wishing you all a happy and blessed week.


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