I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. . . .

Jesus is the way He showed us. Total, unrelenting, sacrificial love. It is the vocation of priest to his flock; it is the vocation of parent to child; it is the vocation of Christian to the world. Our love will transform it. We find that Jesus is clearly discussing the way a person can find union with God. There is no doubt that a person can find God the Father through Jesus Christ. We must go beyond this. He is the exclusive way. We might fear there are not many roads, but why? If there is one well–marked road, is this not sufficient.

Jesus is the truth He showed us. The greatest power is the power of love. Loving God first means loving each other with everything that is within us. Jesus is the Truth. He fully reveals the Lord’s way and wonderfully enables us to be restored to it. Other religions are simply man’s way of justifying their twisted lives. Only Christ leads back to God the Father. Let us not be ashamed of the Truth. Only here will we find the glorious path to true freedom.

And Jesus is the Life. This Life was shown in Christ who healed the sick, cast out demons and rose men from the dead. The Life is the main operating energy source. His body brings us life. His blood brings us life. His word brings us life. Without Him nothing that is would be. Jesus is the light of life. In that life we grow and bloom and become. But John (1 John 2:9) reminds us that this life and this light come with a duty – “Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.” We cannot live the life that Jesus brings us if we harbor a single thought that is not love. Jesus was of a single, simple, unique nature. He was incarnate love, and the life to which He calls us is the life that He showed us. It is Love.

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