Why do you follow Jesus? Ask yourself and reflect on this today.

In the first reading, we look at Stephen who was one of the first seven deacons, and is generally regarded as the first Christian martyr. There was no doubt as to Stephen’s exceptionally good character, and the miraculous power that he had been given by God. When the members of the synagogue could not answer Stephen’s arguments, they prosecuted him as a criminal and brought false witnesses against him. It is a virtue miracle of providence that not more Christians have been murdered, by way of perjury and distortion of law, when so many thousands hate Christians.
The blame lies within the heart of the sinful person, who, refusing Christ, testifies in a deceitful and desperately wicked fashion. Yet, while we are servants of Christ and like, Stephen, we possess a clear conscience, cheerful hope and divine consolation, we know we can smile in the midst of danger and health.

In the gospel some of the crowd followed Jesus in boats across the sea and when they found Him, Jesus pointed out to them that they followed Him because He had fed them, not because they were seeking the Messiah. Their motivation was strictly driven by a physical desire for food, but Jesus points out that they would be much better off looking for the food that brings eternal life. They followed Him for the wrong reason.
There are two kinds of hunger — physical and spiritual. Only God can satisfy the spiritual hunger in our heart and soul — the hunger for truth, for life, and for love. Jesus also spoke about the works of God and what we must do to be doing the works of God, namely to believe in God’s Son whom he has sent into the world. Jesus offers a new relationship with God which issues in a new kind of life: A life of love and service, and the forgiveness of others which corresponds to God’s mercy and kindness; a life of holiness and purity which corresponds to God’s holiness; and a life of submission and trust which corresponds to the wisdom of God. This is the work which Jesus directs us to and enables us to perform in the power of the Holy Spirit. God feeds His people when they need it, as He gave manna in the desert and bread to the thousands. God feeds His people the bread that brings life eternal.
What must I do to get to Heaven? Believe in the One and only savior, Jesus Christ, and allow Him to live, breathe and work in and through you! When working with teenagers, who are so worried about peer perception, feeling good about themselves, I ask them a simple question: What is more important: Feeling good, looking good or being good? I am pleased to announce that all of them will say, “Being good.” They all have Him inside of them! It is just a matter of getting Him and letting Him live!


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