Who are the true Christ-Killers?

In this day and age when it seems that everyone wants to assign blame to everyone else we tend to overlook this fault in human character. Men want to blame women, women want to blame men; one race wants to blame another race and if a person has a bad life the psychiatric community says that it’s okay to blame your parents.
Of course one of the main causes of this behavior is to take the attention of one’s self away from the personal and focus on the other. It seems that though we humans have been on this earth for a scant six thousand years or less we tend to forget that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Today is the most painful day of the year for Christians of all persuasions: on this day we have to remember how Jesus suffered and was put to death for our sins. Never was any person in history ever so innocent as was Jesus.
Attempts to fix blame for His death, however, have led to horrible acts of spiritual depravity. One of the most insidious forms of blame assigning is labeling Jewish people as “Christ Killers.” It’s been a favorite form of slinging hatred for two millennium and of all the hatred that has been cast throughout time; it is the one form that just doesn’t seem to die. And the Jews have borne the brunt of this blame. Their implication in the death of Christ has resulted in hideous persecutions of them, down through the centuries. “Christ Killers!” has been the epithet hurled at them.
The Nazis cited this epithet as justification for the genocide of six million Jews, during the Holocaust of World War II. Hitler brainwashed his followers into exterminating the Jews, on the trumped-up charge of murdering Christ. Sadly, though, this concept was not a Nazi invention. For two thousand years, Christianity took an equally anti-Semitic position.

The truth is that Jesus came into this world knowing He would be killed. Because each of us has sinned, Jesus died for every one of us. None of us is innocent of the crime. Today is a perfect day to reflect upon this sad truth!
As Christians, we should fully understand the theology that Christ gave His life, and no man took it. We are called upon to comfort the Jewish people, and to show compassion, not controversy.Instead of demonizing, degrading or patronizing the Jewish people, I truly believe that Christians need to ask forgiveness for the terrible sins committed against them throughout history in the name of Christ.


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