“Having loved His own who were in the world, He now showed them the full extent of His love.”

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When the Jews ate the meal, it is said that they reclined at the table (12:2), instead of sitting straight up. It is more relaxed posture. The meal time should be more relaxed and enjoyable. However, the last meal Jesus ate was anything but relaxed one. It says that the devil had already prompted Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus. It did not mean that during the meal time, the devil prompted Judas. It says, “The devil had already prompted…” When you study Luke’s gospel account, Judas had met the religious leaders a day before the Passover meal, discussed the business and consented to betray Jesus.
Knowing all these, Jesus could rebuke him and squash him right away, but what did Jesus do? He shared the meal with him and loved him despite all his evil. Jesus did not stop loving him. Jesus’ love is unconditional. He loves sinners regardless of our sins and weaknesses to the end. Jesus knew that he had the power to do all things and he could have squashed Judas with his power, but he chose to love him and serve him to the end. These days young men and women vow to love each other till death part them. But when their love gets cold, they do not love them to the end. They switch their partners like a tire. When your tire runs well, you enjoy it. But when it wears out, you replace with new tire.

Jesus washed His disciple’s feet, showing them His humility and the symbolic connection between washing feet to cleansing the soul from the pollution of sin. It was one more instance of the respect and humility that imbued His life, values, which even His own disciples didn’t understand till after His death and resurrection. So it is today: all of us, who are spiritually washed by Christ, have a life in Him; He justifies us and washes us in sanctity. Christ cleanses us from sin and warns us to be on watch against anything that defiles our way of life. From yesterday’s pardon, we are strong against today’s temptation. We should learn the lesson, which Christ taught us here: duty is a mutual obligation. We must accept help from others and give help to others. When we see Jesus serving others, we can but realize how bad we are, whenever we try to dominate others. Divine love which led Christ to ransom and reconcile His enemies, leads Him to unite us all in peace, today. We only have to try and live as humbly as He did to experience God’s love for us!


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