Palm Sunday: A call to be the little donkeys of the Lord

The man greeted at the gates of Jerusalem with palm branches knew that He was to face the most agonizing week of His life. Cheers would yield to cries for His condemnation, and salutes of honor would give way to buffets and spitting. And all of us are responsible.
The palm branches we hold in our hands and place in our homes today remind us that we are called to make a profound decision about the Lord Jesus each and every day of our lives, namely, to follow Him or to mock Him, to serve Him or to ignore Him. Too often our busy and hectic lives spin out of control and we neglect our relationship with Jesus. We think other things or people are more important than Him, and we act as though His teachings are not the least bit important to our everlasting happiness. Sadly, we fail to learn not only from our own mistakes, but from the incredibly generous self-offering of Jesus upon the cross.

On the first Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem with His Good News, on the back of a lowly donkey, the least attractive and appearing of all animals. He could have come on a white charger. Christ calls all of us, not just some of us, to be His disciples, that is, carriers of Him and His Good News to the cities. We, His followers, can be His little donkeys in this magnificent work, with all our weaknesses and deficiencies. No need to beg off with excuses. The Lord will make up for what we lack.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta required three qualities for those entering her religious order; to be a loving person, to have enthusiasm for life, and to be a cheerful follower of Christ. To be little donkeys of Christ, we need these too. Prayer and study can make these qualities ours.
As disciples of the Lord, we may not need to preach in public on soap boxes or go door to door evangelizing. No! Just be ourselves. Loving, in that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for others. Enthusiastic, in that we see life as a glorious and thrilling adventure, and cheerful towards life and its happenings, like saying, “Hooo, I just lost my job. My family is falling apart. I go for surgery next week. I know God will help me through all this. There is a song in my heart.”
Think lovingly, enthusiastically, and cheerfully. Daily prayer is necessary to keep all these qualities alive in our hearts,
I wish you all a happy, blessed meaningful Palm Sunday and Holy Week.


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