One can argue with words, but deeds are beyond argument.

Jesus made a series of claims, which were at the heart of His life and mission. His claims challenged the very foundation of the Pharisees’ belief and understanding of God. First, He claimed unique knowledge of God. He claimed that the only way to full knowledge of the mind and heart of God was through Himself. He also claimed total obedience to God.
The religious leaders so upset with Jesus that they wanted to kill Him. They charged Him with blasphemy because He claimed to be the Son of God and He made Himself equal with God. The Law of Moses laid down the death penalty for such a crime: “He who blasphemes the name of the LORD shall be put to death; the entire congregation shall stone him”.
As they were picking up stones to hurl at Him, He met their attack with three arguments. The many good works that He did, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, and feeding the hungry — demonstrated that they obviously came from God. Jesus challenged His opponents to accept his works if they could not accept his words. One can argue with words, but deeds are beyond argument.

In Jesus alone we see what God wants us to know and what He wants us to be. Jesus was not just a man who came, lived, died, and then rose again. He is the immortal timeless one, who always was and always will be. In Jesus, we see the eternal God in visible flesh. His death and rising make it possible for us to share in His eternal life.
We must ask ourselves whether or not we live in the hope and joy of the resurrection. Oftentimes, those who are deaf to the praises of the world, have to bear its contempt. But we need never worry: God seeks the honor of all those, who do not seek their own. We should always be unafraid to profess steadfastly all we know and believe concerning Christ.


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