“If God has brought me to this, God will bring me through it”.

Here is a very moving phrase from today’s Gospel “,…He did not wish to travel in Judea, because the Jews were trying to kill Him.”
But He does venture into a scary place, an uncertain place, knowing that He has to be “in the mix” with others, so as to share His message/His mission with others. Many of us have been in scary situations, which we would rather have avoided and yet we all have to face our fears of the unknown, the conflict. The reminder for us is very simple, “With God all things are possible” or, and, “If God has brought me to this, God will bring me through it”.

Fear, especially the fear of death, can easily rob us of courage and the will to do what we know is right. Jesus met opposition and the threat of death with grace and determination to accomplish His Father’s will. Jesus knew that His mission, His purpose in life, would entail sacrifice and suffering and culminate with death on the cross. But that would not be the end. His “hour” would crush defeat with victory, condemnation with pardon and freedom, and death with glory and everlasting life. He willingly suffered and went to the cross for our sake, to redeem us from sin and to restore our relationship with God the Father. He became human and died on the cross because He loves us perfectly, passionately, sacrificially, unconditionally, and eternally. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can’t love us more than They already do. Their love for us is perfect and complete. They wait for us to respond to Their love with our love. It takes two people to have a personal relationship. The Lord has offered us a personal relationship with Him by becoming a person and loving us even to death on the cross.

Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) says: “Our Lord had the power to lay down his life and to take it up again. But we cannot choose how long we shall live, and death comes to us even against our will. Christ, by dying, has already overcome death. Our freedom from death comes only through His death. To save us Christ had no need of us. Yet without Him we can do nothing. He gave Himself to us as the vine to the branches; apart from Him we cannot live.”
Like the Jews, we too can fall into the trap of striving to know Jesus through human reasoning alone. But Jesus calls us to know Him on a higher level through the power of his Spirit, whom He gives to anyone who loves Him and obeys Him. On our own, we can know a lot about Jesus, but only through the Spirit can we know Jesus.


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