There is life in the love of God

Jesus was only ever saddened by unbelief and wickedness, neglect of Him and His doctrine. Those, who slighted and undervalued Him, did so because they admired and overvalued themselves. Jesus reproved their lack of love for God. But for us poor souls, there is life in the love of God. Many, who make a great profession of religion, show that they are lacking in love of God by their neglect and contempt of His commandments.
How can anyone say they believe in God, when they make the praise and applause of the world their idol? It is only when we display pure love and compassion that we are worthy of being called Christians. It is our love for God, that living, active love in our hearts, which is our life.

The authorities were opposed to Jesus because he stood as ‘a reproof to our way of thinking. His way of life is not like that of others.’
Jesus stood up for and fraternized with the marginalized of Israel and we are called to do the same in our own backyard. So we ask, during Lent especially, who are the marginalized in my own community? Do they live in my street? Are they possibly just next door?


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